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Lapidary World is proudly a non-profit Australian achievement website!

Bringing every club a little closer together it hopes to grow and provide information and services
on a national and international level all on the one site location. Every free Australian club web
page has its own separate Url, which they can publicize and use for their own club. Clubs only
need to make contact with us and we can then add or update their details to the allocated web
site page. There are no ongoing fees.

We will only add web page links that go directly to the actual named club site. This way its not
misleading for people and leading them to a generalized web directory that they have to search
through. Every club needs to have its own individual identity so they can communicate with
people in their own specific areas.
It's up to every individual club if they wish to be part of this directory in one way or another and it
should never be controlled by any individual organization.

Having an international site such as this will help develop a stronger relationship between
members over the vastness of the world letting others have access to information and taking
clubs to a new level. Every club should have equal rights of access to information, gemstone
localities and the general comradeship that has existed within the clubs for so many years.

This site is not in place to take away anything offered by other existing websites but rather add
another service. It’s a totally nonprofit website and all clubs around the world have the right to
use the services offered on the site for free. In fact we encourage participation by members to
use the Buy – Swap & Sell, to send in their events, provide details of their field trips, provide
information on gemstone localities and provide stories with photos.

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Please note that current Australian law doesn't have provisions for individual businesses to be
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I make no personal income from producing this website or for any of the free services offered.

All access to this website is free to view and all costs associated in maintaining and providing any
free services is privately funded by myself. I do accept donations, sponsorship, have advertising.
But no money received is used to pay for any profit, wages or personal income. I offer free
website pages for any Australian club associated to Lapidary on a 100% no cost basis.

No-profit clause

‘The assets and income of the website shall be applied solely in
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Dissolution clause

‘In the event of the website being dissolved, the amount that remains
after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall
be transferred to another organisation with similar purposes which is not
carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.

About The Webmaster

John Boom creator of this site started collecting rocks at around 7 or 8 years old some 53 years
ago and then joined the Geelong Gem & Mineral club. He has had many years of pleasure while
growing up enjoying club field trips and the pleasures of the actual hobby itself. Over the years
he has had a Lapidary shop, several jewelry stores and has written numerous Ebooks in several
fields, and producer of computer disk Jigsaw puzzles. He is also the author and producer of
Australian Pictorials and has managed several businesses in many varied areas.

Producer of the following non-profit sites:

At Coffs -  Promoting the best of Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Online -  News and stories about Coffs Harbour where he
lives always trying to get a better deal for the people in the town. Sometimes very
controversial but always factual with photos shown in articles.

Australian Pictorials -  Promoting Australia to the world.

Aussie Photo Stock Photography -  Photo Collection.

Johnny B Music & Jewellery Site -  His main music home site.
He still makes silver and gold jewellery and use this site to display some of his works
from time to time.

Search The World -

Bid or Buy Live Online Auctions and Selling Stores -  Low cost
auctions with only a low final success fee.  

Frogly Free Classifieds -  Free advertising for everyone.

Lapidary World -  He makes fee website pages for Australian
Gem Club that wants one and host them for free.  

Johnny B Australia Youtube site -  Promoting
all his videos to the world.

Australian Pictorials Flickr - More
Australian photos being promoted.

Lapidary World Forum -

Coffs Harbour Forum -

Radio Collectors -

Dimboola Forum -

Coober Pedy Forum -

Australian Tourism Forum -
Promoting more Australian Tourism to the world.

Facebook -  

He has many facebook pages promting many aspects about Australia.

Twitter -!/johnnyb_aust     Promoting his Australian videos.

Linked In -

Coffs Online -

At Coffs -

Australian Pictorials -

Search The World -

Frogly Classifieds -

Bid Or Buy Auctions -

Johnny B -

And there are many more.

A professional singer (Johnny B - songwriter and recording artist and list
goes on. Although now retired he finds himself working full time for the pleasure of his interests
and pastimes. As with many of us he hasn’t always been able to allocate time toward the hobby
when wanted because of other commitments. But now with the production of this site he is able to
give a small token back to the hobby that has been of interest to him all his life.  The site design
is simple and easy to navigate and he hopes more children will relate to the general design
features of the site.

The children of today are the collectors of tomorrow and every encouragement should be given
to the young to go out into the field, enjoy nature, maybe find some nice stones and get a
general appreciation for the hobby as whole. There are many areas where the hobby can take
an interested person from collecting micro minerals, general collecting, polishing gems, metal
detecting and jewellery making.

The bright colored gem and mineral photos and the many moving graphics do slow the site
opening pages down but the benefits of seeing so many nice photos make it worth the wait for
the pages to open.  
The site author hopes everyone will take the time to have a regular look through the site and
perhaps contribute something no matter how small in regards to content for the site.

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It has many moving graphics and is ideally suited for broadband use.
Faceted Gems
The gems beauty is revealed
from a rough stone.  
Polished and set into a hand
made silver setting.
Free Form Silver

There are no limits when
designing jewelry.

Cut and cleaned ready for
shaping into designs.
A piece of rough geode set in

This fossilized tree resin is
millions of years old.
Soldering Silver

Making a ring from sterling

The cabachon design is the
most widely used in jewelry.
Making Jewelry

Combining jewelry and gems
is an age old art.

Once polished they can be
set into jewelry.
Lapidary Equipment
Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ask permission from any private property owner at any
location when searching for gemstones before you enter any such property. You may also be
required to possess a fossicking license as per state laws and regulations.

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Only community and public use clubs and organization names with contact details are provided
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