National Gem & Mineral Show


The Gemboree is the Australian National Gemstones & Jewellery, Gemcraft & Beads, Mineral
Show. First organised by Norm Patison, the then editor of the Australian Lapidary Magazine in
1965. Now held annually in a different state of Australia each year. It's the biggest gathering of
lapidary and associated hobby enthusiasts from all over Australia. People come and trade
their gemstones, enter competitions, see displays, go on field trips, and its a chance for friends
to meet again spreading the gem club comradeship that has existed for so many years.  A list
of past venues is provided below.

The Gemboree involves four main activities:

* The Exhibition – Displays from commercial dealers in gems, minerals and jewellery.

* The Competition – approximately 1000 separate gem and mineral entries
from clubs all over Australia.

* Tailgating – a large car boot sale operates outside the show for the duration
of the event, with hobbyists from all over the State coming to swap and sell.

* Recreation – activities are conducted for visitors, both on site and organised
excursions to local points of interest. More info:

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The cycle of the Gemboree.

1965      Coonabarabran - NSW
1966      Coonabarabran
1967      Nundle - NSW
1968      Gundagai
1969      Beechworth - VIC
1970      Nundle
1971      Coleraine - VIC
1972      Tanunda - SA
1973      Inverell - NSW
1974      Nambour - QLD
1975      Broken Hill - NSW
1976      Gunnedah
1977      Shepparton - VIC
1978      Gympie - Qld
1979      Tanunda - SA
1980      Wanneroo - WA
1981      Devonport - TAS
1982      Glen Innes - NSW
1983      Broken Hill - NSW
1984      Mount Isa - QLD
1985      Wanneroo
1986      Loxton - SA
1987      Shepparton - VIC
1988      Canberra - ACT
1989      Devonport - TAS
1990      Bundaberg - QLD
1991      Loxton
1992      Midland - WA
1993      Alice Springs - NT
1994      Ballarat - VIC
1995      Glen Innes - NSW
1996      Toowoomba - QLD
1997      Launceston - TAS
1998      Gawler - SA
1999      Rockingham - WA
Held in a different state each year.

2000      Ballarat - VIC
2001      Wagga Wagga - NSW
2002      Rockhampton - QLD
2003      Gawler - SA
2004      Warragul - VIC
2005      Bathurst - NSW
2006      Hobart - TAS
2007      Gatton - QLD
2008      Murray Bridge - SA
2009      Horsham - VIC
2010      Devonport - TAS
2011      Bathurst - NSW
2012      Bundaberg - Qld
2013      Murray Bridge - SA
2014      Gatton - QLD
2015      Horsham - VIC
         Tips & Safety On Field Trips

  • Take every precaution while on field trips like making sure you have the right gear like gloves,
    boots, drinking water and basic supplies.
  • Fill in your holes after digging and beware of overhanging rocks and ledges that could collapse
    while digging below.
  • Don't go into old mine shafts as most are unstable and air quality can never be guaranteed.  
  • Always wear safety glasses when breaking or chiselling on rocks.
  • Watch out for snakes and spiders because as a rock hound you're more prone to finding these
    critters than others.
  • Always close gates after you and always take your rubbish home with you if there isn't a proper
    place to leave it.
  • Always tell someone where you are before you leave in case something goes wrong!
  • Always have a first aid kit close by.
  • If you haven't been to an area before draw yourself a map or have a map with you so you don't
    get lost. Mobile phones don't work everywhere!
  • Wear a good hat and sunscreen so you don't get sunburnt.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ask permission from any private property owner at any location
when searching for gemstones before you enter any such property. You may also be required to
possess a fossicking license as per state laws.

Safety In The Workshop

  • Don't have loose clothing around any moving machine parts and keep guards on equipment at
    all times.
  • Wear safety glasses while grinding and using any pickle or acid compounds.
  • Wear a filter face mask if required.
  • Don't spill water on any electric motors. Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Keep fingers and hands clear of sharp moving parts.
  • Wear rubber gloves if handling any acids or pickling solutions.
  • Use tweezers when handling hot soldered jewelry.
  • Have a first aid kit near by at all times.