Faceted Gems
The gems beauty is revealed
from a rough stone.  
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Polished and set into a hand
made silver setting.
Free Form Silver

There are no limits when
designing jewelry.

Cut and cleaned ready for
shaping into designs.

A piece of rough geode set in

This fossilized tree resin is
millions of years old.
Soldering Silver

Making a ring from sterling

The cabachon design is the
most widely used in jewelry.
Making Jewelry

Combining jewelry and gems
is an age old art.

Once polished they can be
set into jewelry.
Lapidary Equipment
Coober Pedy Opal Fields

A stark lunar landscape of
opal mines.
Quartz Crystals

A nice cluster of crystals.
Minerals formed by nature
have a beauty of their own.
Agate still contained in lava
rock from Agate Creek in Qld.
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Lapidary World

We have a vast data base of information about lapidary and
associated hobbies including: gemstones, faceting, rock
collecting, maps, photos, metal detecting, jewelry making,
stories, projects, videos, club directories, equipment and
free affiliate websites for all Australian gem, lapidary and
metal detecting clubs.
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Lapidary World - Message Board

A selection of lapidary enthusiasts from all around the
World with a common interest in collecting gemstones,
minerals, fossils, faceting, jewelry making, metal
detecting, buying, selling and trading gemstones and
minerals worldwide. Sharing their experience with
others and providing stories and information that will
benefit the hobby and people within it.
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