Zebra  Rock is a unique stone suited for use in a variety  of  stone craft  and  found  only  in  the
Kimberley Region, Australia. Identified by rhythmic red/brown banding or rods geologists are yet to
agree on how the patterning has been formed. Recent tests suggest the age of stone is 1. 2 billion
years old. A new deposit of Zebra Rock has been found in the Northern Territory. Pegged in 2009
mining has uncovered a remarkable variety of Zebra Rock colours, patterns and hardness. The mine
owned and  operated by Kim and Ruth Duncan. This is the only operating mine in the world.  
Zebra Rock Mine
Duncan Rd, NT
Suppliers of Zebra Rock, Primordial & Fire Stone
Manufactures of table-tops, home wares & jewellery

Open to the Public: April to August
Mail Order:  September to March

C:/ PO Box 2154,
Kununurra WA 6743
Phone 0400 767650
Zebra Rock

Many new varieties discovered
from Duncan Rd mine. Hardness
varies, some polish at 14,000 grit.
Grades available:
- High quality jewellery grade
- Standard Grade
Sold by kg.
Primordial Stone

Finely banded with over 50
different colours. Softer stone,
highly versatile, suited to
sculpture and stone craft. Can
split with bolster.
Sold by kg or tonne
Fire Stone

Harder and higher iron content
than Primordial stone. Striking
stone. Suitable for stone craft and
table-tops. Must be cut with saw.
Sold by kg or tonne